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About the Greet:

Houston has 7+ miles of underground tunnels! Why? They’re helpful so workers in the many corporate buildings can get among them without going outside on city streets. Also, the tunnels have lots of services that appeal to office workers – lunch facilities, barber shops, salons, doctors, dentists, some clothing, gift stores, banks, etc. We will meet at an agreed upon downtown location and walk around the tunnel system and certainly see the amazing view from high above the city. It’s a lot of walking but always enjoyable. Coffee breaks and ice creams stops often occur! The Houston tunnel system is not open on weekends.

About Me:

I have been in Houston for several years now and find the tunnel system amazing. I did not realize how helpful it can be to scoot around below ground instead of traveling "overland". It's one of the unique features in Houston and I like to show it to visitors.

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  1. fun and interesting time in downtown the tunnels in

    Ken met us warmly and we began an interesting tour of the historic downtown buildings and tunnels. He held our interest with many stories of the both the people, the architecture, the ornamentation of lobbies, elevators and more. We would highly recommend Ken to guide any visitor coming to Houston.

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