How to become a Houston Greeter

Becoming a Houston Greeter offers a whole set of new experiences – meeting someone from another part of town, another culture or another country to show your favorite part of town and see it through the eyes of the visitor.  It can open new ways of thinking and experiencing things you’ve been doing for years!

how-it-works-11. Create an account & submit your Greet!

Using the link at the bottom of this page you will create a short account profile and submit the details about your Greet. Set an address for a meeting point and general hours of availability. Be sure to give the visitor a clear expectation of what to expect by being as detailed as possible. You’ll receive account confirmation and your Greet will be reviewed for approval.

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how-it-works-22. Confirm your account and watch for your greet to be approved

Your contact information will be confirmed and your Greet will be reviewed for approval. Once approved, your Greet will be searchable throughout the website by visitors interested in exploring similar places. You’ll be contacted directly by visitors through the “Request this Greet” form.

how-it-works-33. Share your Houston!

As interested visitors contact you about your Greet, you’ll be responsible for working out the details of your meeting time and place. Meet your visitor(s) and enjoy the experience of sharing your side of Houston. Keep in mind the core values and have fun. Both you and the visitor will have the opportunity to review the experience. That’s how Houston Greeters maintains high quality experiences for both Greeters and visitors.


The Houston Greeters team is available to help along the way should you have challenges completing or submitting forms You should expect to communicate directly with the visitor to coordinate your meeting times and locations.  If you don’t contact the visitor, there won’t be a Greet!

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