I am a Visitor…

Q. How do I get started with a Greeter?

A. Complete the “Request this Greet” form located on the listing page of the Greet that interests you. Give the Greeter as much advance notice as possible.  Also, introduce yourself to the Greeter by telling him/her more about your visit, and why you’re interested in this Greet.

Q. Then what?

A. Wait to hear from your Houston Greeter. It may take a day or two.

Q. What if the Greeter suggests a time or place to meet that is not good for me?

A. Then, you and your Greeter can agree on a convenient time for both of you.

Q. What if we set a time and place and then I am late?

A. You will receive contact information from your Greeter, so you will be able to contact him/her with your information.

Q. Do I pay the Greeter?

A. No, all greets are free. If you wish to donate to the Houston Greeters organization (a non-profit operation supported by volunteers) you may certainly do so.

Q. How would I do that?

A. You will receive an email following your Greet asking you to review your experience and, if you wish, make a donation to Houston Greeters online.

Q. What if I don’t like my Greeter or what we are doing and want to stop the greet?

A. You may certainly terminate the greet at any time. Just tell the Houston Greeter that this was not what you had in mind and you will be going your way.

Q. My Greeter was great, how DO I recommend Houston Greeters to others?

A. Great! You are encouraged to complete a review of your Greet directly on the listing page for that Greet. At the bottom of the page there is a place to leave a review. We welcome all reviews (they will be approved for language and appropriate content before being published). You may also receive a questionnaire in the days following your Greet,

I am a Greeter…

Q. I’d like to be a Greeter but my schedule is not always definite.  How can i handle that?

A. It’s understood that schedules vary. Visitors know they must communicate with their Houston Greeter to make a final confirmation. Go ahead and create an account and submit your Greet. Be sure to express in the description that your availability is flexible and they should contact you to see if there’s a time that works.

Q. How is my account confirmed?

A. Houston Greeters will confirm the email address you used to set up your account and will also confirm your phone number.

Q. How is my Greet submission reviewed for approval?

A. Houston Greeters relies on Greeters and Visitors having clear expectations for the experience. We require that Greet listings be complete, clear, and interesting. This means at least 2 clear images (the more images the better!), a proper category selected and all the appropriate descriptive tags applied. During the review process, Houston Greeters may make edits for clarity or request that you be more descriptive in your text.

Q. Do I have to pay to be a Greeter?

A. No. Core Values of the Greeters require that neither party is expected to pay for the visit. If expenses are incurred during the Greet, each individual should pay his/her own way.  (Any expenses anticipated during the Greet should be noted in the Greet description).

Q. Do I get paid to be a Greeter? What about tips?

A. No. Core Values of the Greeters require that Greeters not be paid nor accept tips from Visitors.

Q. Can I edit or delete my Greet listing?

A. Yes, once approved, you will have access to your listing for editing purposes. It’s important to keep listing information up-to-date to maintain clear expectations for the visitors.

Q. What information of mine is made public?

A. The only public information is what you provide in the Greet Description and About Me sections of your Greet listing. Your last name, phone number, and email address are only used to verify your account. You will be in control of sharing your phone number and responding to visitor emails when your Greet is requested.