Terms and Conditions for using Houston Greeters:


All users, Greeters and Visitors, of the Houston Greeters service must have read and agree to the core values of the Global Greeter Network. Those value are as follows:

  • There is no charge to meet with a Greeter
  • Greeters are volunteers, a friendly face for those visiting a city/destination
  • Greeters welcome individuals and may serve small groups of up to six people
  • Visitors are welcomed without any kind of discrimination
  • Greeter programs support sustainable tourism. Programs respect natural and man-made environments, it brings both cultural and economical enrichment to the local communities. Programs aim for a lasting positive image of each destination.
  • Greeter programs create a mutually enriching opportunity for cultural exchange, create links between people thus creating a better world.


Greeters and Visitors have the right to cancel an activity at anytime for any reason. The Greeter service relies on the passion and interests of volunteer Houstonians which means that sometimes Greet commitments may not be met.

It is understood by all parties that the agreement to participate is strictly between Greeter and Visitor.

Houston Greeters may edit, alter, or remove any listing at any time if it does not fall within the core values of the service.

Greeters and Visitors will have the opportunity to review the experience and provide feedback that may be used publicly to promote the experience.