Walking the Rice Univ. campus

About the Greet:

We’ll choose a convenient spot to meet on or near the Rive University Campus. We’ll walk among the classroom buildings, the dormitories, the library and Shepherd School of Music. You’ll see how beautiful this place is and get a feel for everyday life among the students – a highly international student body. We’ll also see the Skyspace, installation art by James Turrell, and stop by the Moody Center for the Arts. Further, we can stop at the Pavillion for a coffee and comfort break as needed. There’s lots to see and we’ll enjoy it together for one and a half, to two hours.

About Me:

I'm Susan and will be your Greeter for a couple of hours to show you this beautiful spot. I've lived in Houston for some time now, coming here to join Shell Oil Co. But now I'm a greeter and fully vested in these experiences. I live close to Rice and like many neighbors, have used it as a walking venue. I"m happy to talk with visitors about life in Houston, and likewise I like to learn from visitors - hear their questions, learn of their cultures, etc. I find these greets are always pleasant exchanges and both parties always leave having learned something new from each other. It's a good deal for everyone -- and at no cost!

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2 reviews

  1. Unfortunately we had to make a very spontaneous request. Susan replied quickly and she could organize the tour anyway. Incredible for a voluntary service!. She was very knowledgeable, welcoming and helpful. Without any question a great tour. Don’t hesitate to request it!

  2. If you have any chance to be Houston and have some time for visiting, don't miss Rice University and Susan, the Greeter.

    Susan is very nice and thoughtful. Due to the unexpected weather and our tight trip schedule, she even re-scheduled the visiting. She showed us around Rice University, visited buildings, talked about almost everything about this university and different culture. There were three boys in my group and she was very kind to them.

    If you have any chance to be Houston and have some time for visiting, don’t miss Rice University and Susan, the Greeter.

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