One Greeter’s Experience


As I welcome visitors, newcomers, or locals, I am always amazed at the renewed excitement I feel; it never gets old! Being a greeter has been an eye-opening experience for me. It has helped me connect more with this beautiful city I call home as well as to connect with interesting people from diverse backgrounds and places.

I especially love having the opportunity to share parts of Houston: its lush beauty, its unique architecture, and its rich history. And I, too, have learned new things as newfound friends share stories about their experiences and their homes.  It’s a two-way conversation as we listen to one another, chat, and laugh along the way. The thought-provoking questions that I am often asked keep me on my toes, spark my curiosity, and encourage me to research the area even further; thus, I feel like I am a little more knowledgeable and prepared for the next Greet.

Learning and sharing what I’ve learned is such great fun!

So I’d just like to say “Thank you” to those who have already participated in my Greet (I hope to see you again soon) and to welcome those who are considering it.

My life has been enriched through this experience and my hope is that yours will be too.


Greeter since 2016