San Jacinto Monument and Battleship Texas

About the Greet:

You will need personal transportation to the San Jacinto Battleground State Park, as there is no public transportation available. So your options are a rental car, Uber, or Lyft. The State Park is 30 miles east of downtown Houston at the confluence of the San Jacinto River and the Houston Ship Channel (formerly Buffalo Bayou). We will tour the museum and the observation deck of the San Jacinto Monument, which was erected in 1936 (the Texas Centennial) and which is taller than the Washington Monument, so the view from the observation deck is unbelievable. The USS Texas can no longer be toured and is leaving her berth for repairs and a new location for the future, but until that happens, she can be viewed up close with her history and details discussed as you are viewing. She is over 100 years old and is the last of her class, the “dreadnought” series. She fought in decisive battles in both WWI and WWII and has a very interesting history. You can still see the gun emplacements and learn about the facilities below-deck like the living quarters of the officers and enlisted men, the medical facilities, the barbershop, the latrines, the canteen, the kitchen, the cafeteria-syle food serving area, and lots more as time allows.

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Hi, I'm Joy and I've lived in Houston for all of my adult life. I love to share our Texas history and culture, particularly that of Houston.

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  1. A good grasp of Texan history and culture

    Wonderful greet, specially if you are interested in history. You will get a very good grasp of what happened at San Jacinto and why Texas is how it is now. Guided by a really nice, instructed and proud Texan, who will answer you whatever question you may have about Houston. Thanks a lot!

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