Q. How long will it take for my Greet to be approved?

A. Generally, it takes a day or two if there are no issues or missing data in your Greet submission. The more detailed you are in your listing, the quicker it will be approved. Remember, Houston Greeters reserves the right to edit Greet listings for clarity. If there is a content issue, we will contact you to clarify.

Q. Can I edit a Greet that is already approved?

A. Yes! Please edit listings as your Greet details change or most importantly, as your availability changes. It’s important to be as detailed as possible to give visitors a clear picture of what they can expect.

Q. What about the pictures on my Greet listing, can I edit those?

A. Yes (and no). If images need to be rotated or cropped to fit the format, Houston Greeters will make these changes during the approval process. If you would like to remove/add images go to My Greet(s) under your account and select Edit for the specific Greet you wish to edit. Be sure to click Save Changes at bottom of page.

Q. Why are no visitors contacting me?

A. Good question. We want all Greeters to participate and have the opportunity to share their Houston with visitors. Review your Greet listing and be sure it is as descriptive as possible and that you have a few good images to compliment the text.  Are you flexible in your availability? The more flexible or available you are, the better chance you have to be contacted. If you still have questions about not getting requests, please contact us here.

Q. Can I pause my Greet listing? I’m not going to be available for some time.

A. Yes. You can Edit your Greet to show that “Time of Availability” will resume at a specific date. Or you can contact us to “Hide” your Greet until you are ready to continue receiving requests.

Q. I still have a question, WHOM DO I ask?

A. Great, please use the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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Please remember that Houston Greeters is a non-profit organization working hard to meet the demand of both Greeters and Visitors, You, the Greeters, are the engine of the machine and we welcome all feedback and will address questions and suggestions as quickly as we can. Thank You!